What is On Line Consulting

From anywhere in the world, access to a consultancy in Spanish/català with an expert in Management Systems.

 Why a On Line Consultancy

The On Line consultancy allows companies, through an Internet connection and the Skype platform, to have the personalized advice of José Ramón López Ramírez and benefit from all their knowledge and experience, either when facing a problem, clarify a doubt, Or to establish a certain approach for the Management System of your company.
After more than 25 years in the world of consulting and auditing Management Systems, all the knowledge and experience accumulated by José Ramón, available to companies, through the use of basic resources available on the web.
José Ramón will help you and guide you in how to approach a certain requirement, such as integrating different standards, or how to optimize a management system to serve the company and not the other way around.
Benefit from the possibility of having a virtual consulting with one of the greatest experts in Management System, without moving your company, and with the lowest possible costs.

What is On Line Consulting.

Each of the consultancy sessions that José Ramón López Ramírez personally offers, has a duration determined by the needs of the client and are carried out using Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc... (audio and video) as a means of communication.
At all times there is total confidentiality.
Through the internet, from your office or home, you can interact efficiently with José Ramón López in real time, as well as exchange doubts, comments, concerns and even documents, through Dropbox, or Drive.
The sessions can be carried out between José Ramón López and one or several participants of his company; No matter where they are physically, distance is not an impediment to being able to communicate efficiently
Each session of On Line Consulting is personalized and structured independently;
You ask for what you need, when you need it, without the obligation to commit to more than you need.

Benefits of a On Line consultancy

Efficiency.- Greater efficiency and use of time, than in face-to-face meetings
Flexibility.- Easy coordination of schedules for consulting meetings
Productivity.- Important savings of time and optimization of human resources
Savings.- Great reduction of costs in travel, hotels and diets.
Confidentiality.- Guarantee of absolute confidentiality between consultant and client

How On Line Consulting Works

The On Line consulting process starts with an email where you can contact José Ramón López and discuss your consulting needs.
Later, if necessary, you can hold a conference call or through Whatsapp, where you can discuss details of your specific needs.
Then you can hire our Virtual Consultancy service and make the payment with total security through the most popular credit cards worldwide (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)
Then, via e-mail, communications will be initiated from Ecològic Girona, S.L., in order to establish the most appropriate communication channel, as well as the date and time of the virtual consultation through Skype.
The day set for the communication, at the set time, the session will be held via Skype (free program), so that you and José Ramón will be able to have a 2-hour conversation, in which you can totally clarify doubts, Concepts or approach that arises.
In these meetings you will be able to participate as many people of your company as you deem necessary, although, in order to optimize the time, it is recommended not to be very large groups (2 or 3 people maximum).
Service of two hours of consultation, through a Skype call with audio and video. With absolute confidentiality and dedication.
The consultant communicates with one or several participants, converses and works even though thousands of kilometers away
Through Internet the entrepreneur, from his office or house, can expose his doubts and listen to the expert in real time
Subsequently, it establishes the possibility that the company can request by e-mail some clarification on the subjects treated.
The entrepreneur who hires a consultancy must be realistic, in many cases the problems or the doubts are not solved in a meeting of 2 hours
A 2-hour appointment serves to make timely decisions, solve or clarify particular and specific issues that may affect the company; But to fully resolve doubts and establish the right approach, more appointments, or an accompanying process, are likely to be needed.
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