* Prevention (OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001:2018)

Control of risks as a guarantee of workers' safety

OHSAS (OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001:2018) establishes the requirements to be met by a management system of safety and health at work, so that companies can effectively control the risks associated with their activities, improving their performance continuously

Implementing and certifying an OSH Management System, based on the (OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001:2018) standard, allows organizations to:

The development of a safety and health culture among the organization's personnel, increasing collective commitment in the field and better control of hazards and risk reduction, setting clear objectives and goals, as well as the responsibility transmitted within the organization. Own organization.
The increase of efficiency and consequently, the potential reduction in the number of accidents and the lost time in the production, which will result in an optimization of the term of man hours worked.
A better guarantee of compliance with the legal requirements of application and those requirements subscribed by the organization itself.
Reducing the financial burden due to reactive management strategies such as compensating for loss of production time, arranging cleaning operations and paying fines or penalties for non-compliance with current legislation.
Significant growth in the quality of places and workplaces, employee empathy and adherence to the values established by the company, in its Occupational Safety and Health policy.
To gain significantly in the image of the company, as well as in relations with its clients, public authorities and other interested parties.
Identify potential emergency situations, identify weaknesses in the management system, and facilitate the integration of quality, environmental and energy efficiency management systems.

The implementation process of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System is not a standard method, since it will depend in each case on the size of the organization, the activity it performs, the environment in which it is carried out And the specific characteristics of the products it manufactures or the services it provides.

How to implement OHSAS (OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001:2018)? .- With the collaboration of a team of experts in the implementation of OSH Management Systems, such as the consultants of Ecològic Girona, S.L. Which provide an integral, expert and professional service.

Our great experience guarantees the excellent results in the implementation of Health and Safety Management Systems at Work, focusing our efforts on the identification of hazards and the establishment of methodologies for minimization and control of risks, within an improvement process keep going.

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