* Energy (ISO 50001)

Energy management as a guarantee of efficiency and sustainability

Legal framework.-
The EU is determined to take actions leading to less energy dependence on its members, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to improve the competitiveness of its industrial fabric.

Faced with this ambitious goal, different initiatives have emerged, such as Horizon 2020, or Directive 27 of 2012, which obliges all members to take action in the field of energy efficiency.

How will it be achieved?. - There are different methods in multiple environments to implement improvements in the energy field. In the industrial environment, the implementation of an Energy Management System through the standard UNE-EN ISO 50001, will achieve these objectives.

What is ISO 50001? .- The aim of implementing an Energy Management System, based on ISO 50001, is to help companies to establish good energy practices, in order to achieve cost savings, efficiency in Consumption and as a consequence, contribute to the sustainability of the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What benefits does the implementation of ISO 50001? - Implementing ISO 50001 reports multiple benefits for companies; From direct savings in global energy expenditure, to greater efficiency of processes, in addition to the benefit to society and the return on health of the planet.

How to implement ISO 50001? .- With the collaboration of a team of experts in the implementation of Energy Management Systems, such as the consultants of Ecològic Girona, S.L. Which provide an integral, expert and professional service.

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