Management Systems

A good management system implies for SMEs a reduction of costs and an improvement of competitiveness as a driving force to optimize their processes and increase the quality of their products or services, while allowing the proper management of their aspects and impacts Environmental, the reduction of their occupational risks and an efficient management of the energy, as well as of the fulfillment of the legal requirements applicable to the company.
The certification obtained through compliance with ISO, OHSAS, EMAS standards is considered a relevant factor to demonstrate the attitude of the company in the development of its culture of quality, environment, energy efficiency and prevention of occupational risks, to know and Satisfy the needs of its clients, in obtaining high quotas of efficiency and competitiveness.

The certification of a Management System based on ISO, OHSAS, EMAS, international standards is a powerful marketing tool that the company uses to demonstrate the quality of its products and services, as well as its environmental behavior and the safety conditions of its employees.

ECOLÓGIC GIRONA, S.L. Since 1995, it provides global solutions, with the individual or integrated implementation of Management Systems, helping companies to obtain the highest performance from their processes, identifying weaknesses and making them solid elements of the Organization.