Second part audits

The audit of suppliers as a guarantee of process control.

Auditing suppliers based on the requirements of your company, in addition to international standards or requirements, strengthens your supply chain.
Second-party audits increase the strength and security of your supply chain.

A second-party audit occurs when an organization audits its suppliers, in its own facilities, and based on its priority needs.
The audit process helps your organization find and correct problems before they affect the customer or end-user, preventing and avoiding the risk of product withdrawals, service failures, or compliance issues. National and international directives, and consequently customer dissatisfaction.
Many companies have the need to implement a second-party audit program; However, in most cases there is a limitation on the availability or independence of their internal audits, which is why many companies choose to outsource this activity.
Ecològic Girona, S.L. Has qualified technical personnel in the performance of audits to suppliers, which will allow you to outsource this function with absolute guarantee of independence and objectivity.
Thanks to our innovative system of document audits On Line significantly reduce the time and costs of travel and accommodation, which will help you to keep your projects on schedule and within the allocated budget.

When you outsource your second-party audit with Ecològic Girona, S.L., your company will get more than an audit report; You'll get feedback from a dedicated business partner to help you identify weaknesses, achieve stronger and more reliable quality control processes, evolve with your suppliers in a process of continuous improvement, while saving you time and money .

To contract the audits to suppliers, to Ecològic Girona, S.L., is a guarantee of professionalism, objectivity, and impacity, oriented to the continuous improvement of the processes

Contact us and we will offer you the audit that best suits your needs.