On Line audits

Documentary audit as process economy

In most cases, more than 50% of the audit time of management systems is dedicated to the documentary review

En In Ecològic Girona, SL, using free communication tools (Skype), e-mail, telephone, whatsap, etc ..., cloud storage systems (Dropbox or Drive), which are within reach of All, we can reduce considerably the cost of the audit, since the "In Situ" times are considerably shortened, this contributes to a significant cost reduction for savings in accommodation, subsistence allowances, travel expenses, etc.

This system implies in some cases a reduction of presence times of more than 50%, which reverts in a less dedication to the time of audit by the responsible ones of area of the company and greater dedication to attend its functions and responsibilities.

 Start of the process

During the document audit process, the chief auditor understands and obtains an overview of the client and its activities related to its Management System, which helps to identify the main areas of risk, weaknesses and other points that during the following phases Should be investigated, evaluated or sampled.

To initiate the On Line audit process, the client will be asked for all the information (through a list of evidences that must be submitted and posted in Dropbox), which is necessary for an adequate strategic and risk analysis, focused on planning the In-Situ

Risk analysis

The risk analysis allows identifying which are the key points where there may be greater risks of occurrence of non-compliance, either against a standard point or an internal procedure of the organization.

Strategic analysis

During this phase, it establishes the priorities of the Audit Plan, through the use of Skype, it will be possible to hold interviews "On Line" with those in charge of the company.
In case of needing any additional information, this will be requested by the audit team.


Conduct of the documentary audit

The Leader Auditor reviews all documentation received and compares it with the requirements established in the Standard or Standards implemented in the company (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, etc.), as well as compliance requirements Obligations described in the procedures or instructions of the organization.

Issuance of the report

Once the audit is completed, the Chief Auditor will issue a detailed report containing all the evidences found in each of the audited operational processes, which will include the identification of Nonconformities (if any), Observations, Opportunities for Improvement and Points As well as a quantified assessment of compliance with audited requirements.


The audit "On Line", complements the Audit "In Situ" 

Companies can contract an exclusively documentary audit of their Management System, or a complete audit, in which after the documentary audit, the In Situ visit is carried out and the operational processes and facilities are audited.





 The documentary audit "On Line", is the most economical, agile and reliable method to know the needs and gaps that your company is currently in relation to the requirements of the new versions of the 2015 ISO standards

Remember that on September 14, 2018, all Certificates of Management Systems based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 that have not been adapted to the 2015 versions, will no longer be valid

Ecològic Girona, S.L., has the responsibility of recommending you very seriously, to start planning your transition as soon as possible.


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