Security and payment

Forms of payment of purchases:
Payment of purchases of products available on the web, can be made through any of the options available in the payment process, are:
1- Credit or debit card.
2- Subscription account.
Subscribers can pay their purchases using the available balance in their subscriber account and in accordance with the terms of the subscription conditions. The recharge of the account of subscriber must realize it by means of any of the previous means.
For other forms of payment consult our customer service by sending an e-mail to
We reserve the right to modify, expand or disable any of these means of payment warning you from the same website and before starting the payment process.

Maximum security certified:
SSL Security Certificate

For your safety, also keep in mind:
We will never, nor now nor the future, ask you by e-mail or any other means no banking data or with respect to your credit cards: Take into account for the purposes of your own security.
Never give the data or give your credit card to third parties, never give payment data by e-mail or the Internet outside a secure connection and in a recognized and trustworthy website, in which you can verify that the site and the Company are legal.
When you are going to give the data of your card to proceed with the payment, verify that you are in a secure environment and that the web has a security certificate that you can see and check.

Clean files:
The files you download from our website have been previously and conveniently analyzed. We can guarantee that, before being downloaded, they are completely free of viruses.

In our Web, you can buy and pay calm: you have all the security.

The content of this section is for information only, the use of the website implies the full acceptance of all the provisions included in General Conditions of Service included in a previous section, please read them in full before proceeding to the purchase, Subscription or contracting of our services.