Supplier Evaluation

Tool for evaluating suppliers

How to comply with the requirements of the new version ISO 9001: 2015, in relation to:

  • 8.4.- Control of processes, products and services supplied externally
    8.4.2.- Type and scope of control
    The organization shall ensure that externally supplied processes, products and services do not adversely affect the ability of the organization to deliver products or services in a manner consistent with its customers.
    The organization must:
    a) Ensure that externally supplied processes remain within the control of their quality management system.
    b) define the controls that it intends to apply to an external supplier and those that it intends to apply to the resulting outputs.
    8.4.3.- Information for external suppliers.-
    e) the control and monitoring of the performance of the external supplier to be applied by the organization
    9.1.3.- Analysis and evaluation
    The organization should evaluate the appropriate data and information arising from monitoring and evaluation
  • The results of the analysis should be used to evaluate:
    f) the performance of external suppliers.