• Risks and opportunities

Improvement management

Tool, in Excel support (modifiable), that integrates risk management, opportunities, preventive actions, corrective actions, non-conformities, improvement opportunities, its graphic presentation and year-on-year statistical analysis.

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Finally, a tool that deals in an integrated way with the identification, analysis, treatment, graphic and statistical representation of all the elements of the management system that allow continuous improvement:

  • Identification and evaluation of risks associated with the management system processes
  • Identification and treatment of actions associated with the identified risks (Corrective Actions, or Improvement Actions)
  • Graphical representation of risks and identified levels, as well as their year-on-year evolution
  • Registration and treatment of incidents (Non-Conformities, Observations, etc ...), Graphic treatment of the status of associated actions
  • Registration and treatment of Opportunities from the strategic analysis, audits, suggestions from workers, clients, etc ...
  • Graphical representation of the state of the identified opportunities and of the actions taken.