Improvement management

Tool that allows the integrated identification, analysis, evaluation, recording and graphic treatment of associated risks and opportunities

It is an integrated tool based on Excel, which allows the unified management of all the elements that allow the improvement of the Management System.

Identify and evaluate risks associated with the processes of the System (loaded with over 200 risk examples)
Establish actions associated with the level of risk assessed.- Preventive actions or improvement actions.
Record and treat Incidents (Non-Conformities)
Identify and deal with Opportunities coming from the strategic analysis or from any activity or area, be it from audits, suggestions from the worker, client, supplier, etc ...

At the same time, the tool allows the graphical management of all the activities, and allows the year-on-year comparison of the evolution of all these indicators associated with the improvement and that feed into the Management Review.



Identification and evaluation of risks and opportunities 


Graphical analysis of risks   


Risk and Opportunity Management:

Depending on the level of risks, the tool tells us whether the situation should be addressed through preventive actions, or whether we are facing an opportunity for improvement.

Depending on the situation identified, the tool allows you to record actions and monitor them.


We can also graphically analyze the situation


The tool allows us to record any opportunity for improvement, whether it comes from strategic analysis, audits, recommendations or suggestions from workers, customers or suppliers, etc...


We can see graphically in the state in which each one is


We can also graphically analyze the year-on-year evolution and feed the management Review .


A complete tool that will undoubtedly help you in the management, and in the continuous improvement of the company