About us

Since 1995 Ecològic Girona S.L. Is providing personalized professional support services and Technical Consulting, for the implementation, integration, maintenance and audit of Management Systems, to all its clients.

Our company is formed by a group of multidisciplinary professionals, the objective of which is to collaborate with companies and institutions in the development and implementation of specific tools of Business Management that allow the continuous improvement in the performance of the same, basing its strategy In the permanent innovation and in the sustainability of the projects.

Our technicians have a wide and demonstrable experience in the execution of projects related to our specialty.

For the first time, we incorporated the On Line Consulting and Audit as a management tool

Our ten key points in the business strategy of Ecològic Girona S.L.

  1. Create strategies that help our Clients to improve their competitiveness and achieve their business goals.
  2. Implement programs tailored to our clients, always oriented towards continuous improvement.
  3. Provide our clients with methodologies that allow them to transform abstract concepts into efficient production processes.
  4. Anticipate trends, adopting a management model based on permanent innovation, thus strengthening our commitment to excellence
  5. Interpret each one of our mistakes as an opportunity to improve the quality of our service, effectively treating the states of dissatisfaction expressed by our Customers.
  6. Ensure the reliability, availability, profitability and duration of the facilities.
  7. Energy efficiency and energy savings.
  8. Optimize resources and reduce unnecessary energy costs.
  9. Compliance with current regulations and respect for the environment
  10. We maintain as a fundamental principle of our internal quality management system, that "Quality is not in the things that people do, but in the PEOPLE who do things"